Raymarine brings HDTV works in rough sea conditions too

Having a fancy boat is not just enough till you have fitted it with the latest gizmos and gadgets. Completing your onboard entertainment needs is Raymarine, who offer a variety of satellite television antennae designed to work even in extreme weather and sea conditions. Featuring exclusive cutting edge technologies like Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) and their very own Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm, Raymarine satellite TV antennas deliver uninterrupted digital video and music to your boat under most trying conditions too. Being out offshore for too long will not be a problem any longer once you have fitted this antenna onboard. After all, if being a couch potato is what you do best, then what better way to do it differently than this! Quite cheeky, I say!

The complete Raymarine system includes an antenna, control unit and an HD DirecTV receiver range from about $7,000 to about $9,000.

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