ReQuest Freedom touchscreen wireless remote control for all its players

The request has just announced that its new Freedom touchscreen wireless remote control. Previously the remote only worked with their iQ Intelligent Music System, but now the new remote will work across its entire product line. The Freedom remote (which runs on a Nokia N800 “Internet Tablet” handheld controller) is now available to extend the full command to ReQuest’s N.Series, F.Series, and S.Series Music Servers using ReQuest’s simple and intuitive graphical user interface with commands, graphics, and icons. Freedom features a full-color, 800×480-pixel touchscreen, one simply has to insert the Freedom SD card into an N800’s SD memory slot, run the included installer and the WiFi-enabled remote is ready. The remote delivers full control, communicating via 802.11b/g WiFi over a home network, and then to the ReQuest server using IP. With the ReQuest’s award-winning Serious Play Media Manager, Freedom delivers the complete music server experience including music selection, volume control, and playlist creation.

ReQuest’s Freedom requires no programming and discovers the network and the ReQuest host automatically, and populates Album Art and complete music metadata without user intervention. You can browse the Web or answer email with it. It will sell for $1,200.00