ReWalk: A exoskeleton that helps to walk will be available soon

They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and that surely holds for Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer who became a quadriplegic after a life-threatening accident. He’s developed a device called ReWalk that weighs seven pounds and can be worn as pants. Powered by motorized joints and motion sensors, these can be used by people paralyzed waist down. It also features a harness to comfortably wear the device, a backpack to hold the controlling computer that controls the device, and a battery that lasts as much as three and a half hours.

Like most other exoskeletons, it has been passed on to able hands. Being developed by Argo Medical Technologies,’ the device will help to cure other ailments, including digestive, cardiovascular, and circulatory problems. To be made available in rehab centers early next year, this device will be priced at $100,000. Too bad that Goffer can’t use his own creation; he’s paralyzed neck down and ReWalk “walks” using hand movements. But that’s where research and development can help.
Engadget Via DailyTech