RFID Luggage Tags

The only thing that can spoil the perfect holiday is the loss of your luggage on your way back (and vice versa). To end the possibility of human error while transporting your luggage at the airport, RFID Limited has come out with its chipped luggage tags called BagChip. Marketing the product to the airline industries as a means of decreasing the amount of luggage lost in transit, this chip seems to be a good solution. It is set to manufacture designer luggage tags that contain radio frequency identification chips to help airlines locate lost baggage. The tags are being designed to match the colors and grains of luggage offered by Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. “The chips will contain the traveler’s name, address, phone number, and unique numeric identification number, and would be scanned using medium-range handheld readers from Alien Technology or Symbol Technologies at locations within airports.”

The success of BagChip depends on two factors.
1) Whether RFID manages to get permission from the designer brands to use their design and logo.
2)Will the airlines be convinced of the cost factor and the efficiency of the system?

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