Ridemaster Pro proves to be an expensive ride.

Being wealthy is a good thing for sure, but does it exempt you from thinking or spending rationally? Well maybe if you are stinking rich and have a hidden desire to ride horses but not the guts to get on a real one nor the place to ride one. I guess that is explanation enough for why exactly are wealthy city workers splashing out on the ultimate rocking horse – an $80,000 simulator which enables them to ‘ride’ in the comfort of their own home. Yeah, firstly it ain’t a real horse and secondly, it will make you look ultra stupid just riding away to nowhere on the horse that doesn’t really move a muscle and what a bomb it costs. The rich aren’t complaining and have every reason to like this rocking horse called Ridemaster Pro. The advanced, virtual reality riding machine combines a mechanical horse with a host of electronic sensors and a screen.

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Its makers, Racewood Simulators, say the Ridemaster Pro enables horse lovers to use normal riding techniques to trot, canter, and prompt any number of advanced maneuvers. It’s quite a favorite among people living in extremely hot regions, or regions that have torrential rains. It is much better than a real horse in more ways than one. Like you don’t have any maintenance costs like food, vets, cleaning, etc. You would never fall off the Ridemaster Pro so your bones remain intact and you satisfy your innermost desires of riding on a horse without actually having to face the obstacles. The fully interactive Ridemaster Pro retails for $67,000 plus VAT while a simpler version called the Riding Simulator costs $32,000 plus VAT.

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