Rinz Sound unveils Sahara Speakers inspired by the world’s hottest desert

Rinz Sound introduces its latest collection of limited edition high-end speakers, which the colors of the Sahara have inspired. The speakers, triangular in shape, exude opulence, that of a bespoke designer unit, created with optimum precision. The Sahara speakers are a unique handcrafted set that uses recycled glass and is known to be the world’s first to do so. Be sure to get bedazzled with its “sun-kissed and sand-touched recycled glass,” which projects a smooth and radiating finish.

The Rinz Sahara Speakers is a three-way, rear-vented loudspeaker, apt equipment that would easily match any interior setting. It also expertly ties the knot between aesthetics and high-quality tech specs. The speaker is in-built with a Kevlar woofer, sports a frequency response of 62Hz-22KHz +/-3DB, and can handle power up to 150W. It’s a rare piece of luxury that is eco-conscious as well as is perfectly balanced by hand calibrated audio and aimed for the top-of-the-range interiors and urban residences.

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The Rinz Sahara Speakers cost £18,000 that is approx. $27,500.

[Via – Rinz-Sound]

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