Rip-off version of Vertu Signature Boucheron phone is tacky

When a luxury mobile phone like the $310,000 Vertu Signature Boucheron phone makes its foray into the market, a cheap rip-off is definitely not far away. Impersonating the beautiful diamond-studded phone that was limited to just eight pieces is this cheap $700 version. Resembling the exquisite phone in every possible way but lacking the originals class and elegance, this rip-off is aimed at all those who crave a luxurious lifestyle but can’t afford one. No original diamonds and rubies adorn the rip-off handset with features like 262k true color TFT display, GPRS/WAP capability.

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The impersonator can also be used both as an MP3 music player and an MP4 video player. And you can also forget about the digital camera (which is a prominent feature of the original phone). A tacky phone, it is definitely not something we approve of here on Luxurylaunches. This phone is definitely not your ticket into that elite social circle that you have been dreaming of being a part of. If anything, it will only reduce your chances of ever becoming a part of this elite group.
So if you are a true luxury seeker, we suggest you stay as far away from rip-offs as possible.

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