Roland FR-2 V-Accordion is uber cool and ultra light for $3,000

For those who not only love music but also play it like a pro, take a look at the most futuristic, and dynamic accordion according to Crave. Roland’s FR-2 V-Accordion is significantly lighter than previous models and ideal for students, stage keyboard players, and traveling musicians. It has eight virtual accordion sound presets, MIDI input/output, AA-battery power, high-resolution bellows pressure sensors, chorus and reverb sound effects, an integrated digital metronome, and pad triggers for sampled percussion (cowbell not included). The FR-2 also features additional onboard sounds like the piano, organ, and strings. It also comes with a built-in headphone to allow you to practice without stirring any living being.

Tagged at $3,000 and announced at January’s NAMM expo, the FR-2 charts out the future of the already thrilling world of accordion performance.