Runco CinemaWall XP-103DHD – another 103 inchie screen

Following the footsteps of Panasonic, Runco too has unveiled a gigantic 103” screen, the CinemaWall XP-103DHD plasma display. Akin to the Panasonic one, this one too brags of a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It includes DVI with HDCP and RS-232 inputs for connection to its outboard DHD Digital Controller. This breathtaking plasma display epitomizes the heritage and reputation of the Runco brand with a luxury display that complements the exclusive lifestyle.

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CePRO quotes that, “Runco’s next-generation DHD features a wealth of inputs and switching, and incorporates Runco’s ViVix II digital video processing technology, which prevents distortion-causing “double scaling.” This December you can pick this new beauty on the ramp for about $10,000.