Runco forays into world of 3Dimension with the D-73d projector

Runco, the maker of high end projectors has just launched its 3Dimension Series of projectors. Those interested must take note that the high-end projectors in this series make use of passive glasses instead of the battery operated active ones. Of course, it should also be noted that the projectors are anything but cheap. The D-73d projector in this series sets you back by a cool $49,995. For the home automation fans, this series has a range of controls and inputs including HDMI 1.4 and RS-232. Runco is also the first home theater brand to license RealD’s Processing Package, which is used in Runco’s 3Dimension Processor that is paired with the D-73d projector.

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The RealD Processing Package includes multiple proprietary technologies for the delivery and display of high-definition 3D content, for a high-quality 3D viewing experience. It should also be noted that the projectors from the 3Dimension series provide not only a high-quality 3D experience but 2D as well. All this matched by an exceptional sleek design, make the 3Dimension series of projectors a must have for all luxury lovers who seek to enjoy 3D viewing experience at home.
The D-73d will start shipping in the fourth quarter and come accompanied by the new Runco 3Dimension processing system, which includes Runco’s upgraded, award-winning Digital High-Definition (DHD) external video processor. For more info on this series visit the Runco website.

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