Not FedEx or UPS – Samsung is delivering its Galaxy smartphones and wearables in Ireland using drones

The next time you say, ‘I love this Samsung phone so much, I can’t wait to have it,”; be assured you could get your Galaxy device in three minutes, but only if you live in Oranmore. Raising customer service bar to the skies is tech giant Samsung by partnering with Manna Drone Delivery to make drone delivery an option for Irish customers for the latest Galaxy devices. The service offers many plusses, speedy delivery being the most prominent and contactless delivery. People can fearlessly invite the new dazzling gadget into their lives barely five minutes after ordering it. Remember, the only eligible models are the S21 Ultra, the Galaxy Buds Pro, the Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Watch 3, and the Galaxy A Series. Shoppers need to place their orders on Samsung’s Irish website and let it be known the fancy delivery option is currently only available for customers based in a town called Oranmore. Manna is well-versed with this service already as they have been working with Tesco and other local businesses to deliver groceries, books, and medicine to people in the area. Manna’s custom-developed aerospace-grade drones fly directly to customers’ residences at an altitude of 50-80 meters and a speed of over 60kph. This allows deliveries to Oranmore homes within three minutes of leaving the dispatch center, which means you will get a phone in your hands even before that pizza slice.

Eamonn Grant, Head of Online for Samsung Ireland, said, “Superior customer experience is at the heart of what we do, and with this new service, we are embracing what we believe will be the future of retail. In the current environment, there is no better time to provide a contactless alternative to ‘click and collect,’ and we are really thrilled to be partnering with Manna to achieve this.” Samsung fans can revel in the fact that this will soon turn into a nationwide service.

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