Samsung S9 85-inch ultra HD TV is available for $38,000 in South Korea

Samsung’s Ultra HD TV’s stole the show at CES 2013 last week and set a new benchmark with its gigantic size- an 85-inch HD TV. And now it is all set to create new standards in terms of price. While the company has not yet disclosed the US pricing details, the first 77 models wrapped in “Timeless Gallery” frame are all ready for a pre order at a price of $37,877.The striking features of the new Ultra HD other than the mandatory 214cm of 4K goodness, include, a quad-core CPU, built-in 2.2 channel speakers and Precision Black Pro LCD Panel.

Despite high prices of Sony and LG’s HD models, shoppers have been buying them without much hesitation. The urge to buy a 4k ultra HD TV is so alluring because of how clear the picture is in comparison to a 1080P or a lesser model. Throwing light on the customers’ tastes and preferences, it would not be a surprise to see the buyers hurrying towards the local Korean high-end electronics retailer to get hold of the first 77 models. But what is even more tempting is the 95-inch or 110-inch models that are to be shipped at the end of this year at similar prices.


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