Samsung 707SC dazzles with Swarovski

Remember when even owning a cell phone was counted as a status symbol? Today phones have become much more than that. People treat their handsets almost like beloved pets. And just like their other fashion accessories, they want cell phones to ooze style, power and prestige. As bling is in….Samsung has joined the race and unveiled the Samsung 707SC to an already long list of bling cell phones by other makers. This glittery gadget is not just all beauty but it also boasts high speed HSDPA connectivity, a Picsel document viewer, and a pre-loaded tri-lingual dictionary that covers the nuances of English, Korean, and Japanese.

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All the Americans and Europeans can only feast on the images of these jeweled gadgets as the 707SC will remain an Asia-only exclusive. This uber slim-shiny cell is definitely going to sell but at what price is still unknown.