Samsung Wireless ICE Pad fridge with TV

All our lives we keep telling the kids to get a life besides watching the TV, and now Samsung has gone and put the TV on its latest fridge. The kitchen is the hub of daily family activites, mom cooks in there, daddy tries to fix the sink, junior plays with is toys in the draweres and missy paints her nails in there. with so much happenning in there its only natural to turn the kitchen into the TV room for entertainment. The Samsung Wireless ICE Pad fridge features 10.4-inch LCD screen that can stream a television signal wirelessly, as well as AM/FM radio. The screen also pops out and can continue to receive a TV signal up to 200 feet away. Running on Windows CE, the tablet also features a calender and message centre.

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The Samsung Wireless ICE Pad fridge is for approximately $3499.