Samsung’s S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 get decked out in exclusivity with cases from Montblanc and Swarovski

Samsung has once again teamed up with premium accessory maker Montblanc to introduce a few luxury extras for their high-end Galaxy devices i.e. the S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. This isn’t the first time these two companies have teamed up, last year Montblanc announced a rather stylish Stylus for Samsung devices. The Korean electronics giant has announced yet another tie up with the cream of the crystal crop i.e. Swarovski, as well, to introduce a few more glitzy cases for their handsets. The crystal designer extraordinaire has also worked with Samsung in the past on cases for older edition smartphones.

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The timing is perfect seeing as Samsung’s new devices are still meandering their way into the pockets of those who can afford them. Ranging from premium protective leather covers to hard-shelled options that are handmade and tattooed by renowned artist Mo Coppoletta, the Montblanc series has been created to add a touch of exclusivity and class to your smartphone. Check out the video below to gaze at just how well crafted the cases are and what goes into the design;

The leather cases will be made available in exquisite soft grain and extreme options, highlighting just why Montblanc is as good as they are. Other options include two flip wallets that have pockets and is designed for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and two more flip cover options for the Galaxy Note5 that won’t have pockets but will be available in soft grain and sartorial.

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Swarovski’s Edelweiss collection will feature a premium edition case for the S6 Edge+ that could have as many as 1,300 crystals, just the right amount of bling for your buck. The cases are not for the global arena unfortunately but just for a few selected markets via the online platform only.

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The pricing of these cases from Montblanc and Swarovski have yet to be announced but judging from the exclusivity, the limited edition status and simply the branding, one cannot expect the price tag to be lightweight. The options from Montblanc should be out by the end of October while those from the Swarovski camp will make their debut in November, so you had better start saving up.

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