Sand & Birch designs the HT Lux wine cellar for Wine Ellemme

Sand & Birch’s partnership with Wine Ellemme continues to please the ardent wine connoisseur. The latest offering by Sand & Birch for Wine Ellemme promises to take this partnership to a whole new level. The latest creation, christened the HT Lux is nothing short of amazing. HT Lux is a rectangular oak and maple wine cellar, finished in stainless steel, glass, UV, LED lighting with a capacity of about 70 bottles lodged on removable shelves. A classic design designed by designers Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro; it has been created to appeal to a wider audience of wine lovers. Ideal for both, a home or a hotel, this wine cellar will be the centerpiece of any living space. The perfect blend of technology and design, the HT Lux wine cellar is luxury personified.

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Measuring 200x78x52cm, this exquisite HT Lux wine cellar can be called a functional piece of art.

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