SanDisk cards go golden!

People have endless means of extracting money from the ones who have it, to splurge rather than spend in this case. Like having ordinary cards wasn’t good enough that some people (creative?) came up with electronic cards and SanDisk has outdone even them with their solid gold cards. Like the other million people who would shun this as the need to the day, it’s not bad for the flamboyant and extravagant, loud, boastful people who flash their assets like a smile. However, SanDisk is holding a contest in Japan where those who purchase their Extreme IV 8GB CompactFlash or UltraII 4GB SDHC cards in marked packages could win solid gold versions of the cards.

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You can be the proud owner if your scratch off wins and these gold cards weigh about 150g. The contest runs from now until June 22 and needs you to own $5,000.