Sanyo CE52SR1 52″ LCD is waterproof

Now LCD TVs are not supposed to be rough-weather friends, they are supposed to sit comfy in your abode. But what does an outdoorsy person like me do? Either get an Aquavision AVF beauty or Sanyo’s 42″ weatherproof LCD TV. And since I’m getting the chance to indulge in some outdoors viewing, I may as well go for the new Sanyo upgrade, the 52-inch 1080p CE52SR1 LCD. This waterproof set lets you enjoy your Blu-ray films in full-res, moreover, this hunk is daylight readable and features a 1,500:1 contrast ratio, 1,500 cd/m2 brightness, 6.5-millisecond response time, 176-degree viewing angles, a slew of inputs, and a frame constructed from marine-grade anodized aluminum.

Set aside $13,995 and by October be ready to welcome home the all-weather Sanyo 52-inch CE52SR1 LCD.

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