Say hello to Moxie, a $1,500 robot promoting cognitive learning in children

People go to great lengths for their kids. Especially today, parents love for their children to learn it all and know it all but will they be willing to pay $1500 for the latest educational tech called Moxie, a social robot? Many would agree that Moxie is worth it with special abilities to help children with cognitive development as Moxie uses machine learning and the SocialX platform to perceive and interact. Its a cute and friendly-looking robot that’s as endearing as any supporting characters of a Disney/Pixar movie. this adorable educational robot is designed for teaching kids at home through play-based learning. Children will find Moxie extremely engaging as s a new theme is assigned every week which explores qualities such as kindness, friendship, empathy, or respect, by assigning tasks and missions to children. Moxie and his missions help kids explore human experiences, ideas, and life skills. These missions are basically activities like drawing, mindfulness practice through breathing exercises and meditation, reading, etc with several themes attached. Embodied, the robotics and AI company behind Moxie, says the robot will teach kids ages six through nine, Parents will be able to control Moxie through a “parent app,” which will let them check their child’s progress and limit their Moxie usage as this cute tech toy sure is going to be addictive. Embodied has also partnered with Encyclopaedia Britannica and Merriam-Webster to integrate Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary for Children, enabling Moxie to unbox the wonderful world of words and age-appropriate definitions.

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Moxie will be available for pre-order on and similar to smartphones, pricing will include device pricing ($1500) plus an operating subscription plan ($60 a month). Looking at the current scenario where schools have been shut for a while and show no sign of opening anytime soon, parents would love to rely on a teaching partner at home in a way that is educative and fun and Moxie surely brings edutainment to the table.

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[Via: The Verge]

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