Say hello to the revamped B&W 800 Series Diamond Speakers that will still blow your mind

It’s been about five years since Bowers & Wilkins launched their creatively sound (pardon the pun) 800 Series Diamond speakers. The 35 year old company, the last word in audio engineering, has take it’s time and through what can only be a tremendous amount of testing, have decided it was time to re-imagine the icon that made them what they are with the new line-up. The 800 series Diamond speakers will now be welcoming a few new brethren – The all new HTM2 Series Diamond home theatre speaker units which is the 804 Series Diamond speakers in piano black, and the HTM1 Series Diamond centre-channel unit i.e. the 805 Series Diamond stand-mount speakers.

Aside from the fact that the company has designed these new offerings with brand new components that are state-of-the-art and as updated as one would imagine, all of which comes inside a sturdy aluminum body, the new additions still manage to retain the essence of B&W’s true styling with the diamond tweeter sitting up top. Martial Rousseau, Head of R&D at the company was reported to have said that although they managed to improve the motor system of the new series, they found it hard, nay – “impossible to improve on the performance”. With what the company calls a reverse-wrap design, the new Diamond Series speakers should help make the distribution of audio much better. Even the bass units have been beefed up.

With a number that kicks off from about $6000 for a pair of 805 spears, the price tag get’s heavier and reaches about $22,000 for some of the 802 units in the series. Details on all units have yet to be announced and that should be during the next few weeks.


[B&W via Gizmag]

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