Scholtès presents wine cooler designed for connoisseurs.

Scholtès is on seventh heaven thanks to the accolades coming their way. After the very wanted drink machine they are introducing an awfully cool wine cooler (pun intended). The cooler offers 284 bottle capacity, divided between the 267 bottle ageing compartment with wines stored at preset self-regulating temperature range of 10°C to 14°C, and the 17 bottle cooling compartment where temperatures are set between 4°C and 7°C. Isn’t that just wow? With 284 bottles ready, your guests are not annoyed and you are obviously smiling when you are showered with praises. Do remember who the credit goes to though.

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This wine cooler is vibration-free and includes natural aeration system, warm/cold automatic double circuit, total light insulation, 6 wood shelves and adjustable feet. It measures W70 x D70 x H189 cm, and costs $5600. Still cool? Very much! Get your wine cooler from Scholtès.