Securing and organizing my digital life with Private Cloud Storage + Giveaway

The cloud has become a vital tool for how we store and access our data. While the potential for hacking information stored online exists, it’s no more a threat than it is to have your data stored on a drive of any kind. But with the online option, the benefits of having your data securely available to you anywhere and at anytime is a major pro especially for professionals in a variety of fields.

Having had the opportunity to test Western Digital’s (WD) all new high-capacity NAS device the EX2100, which is part of their My Cloud Expert Series of devices, I have to say, it’s proven to be something I wish I didn’t have to return. Being a frequent traveler for business and pleasure I tend to take a lot of pictures even though I’m not a professional photographer, I’d like to think I’m pretty good. But I’m also quite a ‘vidiot’ with a rather humongous collection of movies and TV series that tend to take up most of the space on my various PC drives. Not only am I absolutely paranoid that all my collections would someday be destroyed by some kind of imminent threat lurking in the shadows of my PC that would wipe the disks clean (it’s happened once already so you can see why my fear is justified), I also like having access to my collection when I travel, be it on my Phone, tablet or laptop. Of course you need not take my word for it and give it whirl yourself, of you could partake in our X4100 NAS giveaway that we’re hosting, scroll to the bottom to enter.

NAS devices are a great option for these specific reasons and WD’s all new series with cloud back-up support have made quite a difference to how I’ve been able to access my data. Let me give you a few examples of the X2100 made things interesting for me and proved to be quite a useful gadget to have –

1 – Setting up the drive is extremely simply with detailed instructions provided and a setup guide to help complete the process in minimal time. Thanks to USB 3.0 transferring my existing data to the NAS was quite a swift process. In a few minutes and after a few clicks, I was ready to go.

2 – Irrespective of where my drive was located, as long as it was on and connected to my network, I was able to access my collection. Thanks to the built in Twonky DLNA certified media server, I was able to easily stream my HD videos and photos to my smart TV in another room. I even plugged in my iPad to the stereo and streamed my music to my home theatre set up thanks to the well designed apps available for iOS and Android. Thanks to the its 1.3 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, the WD X2100 NAS is quite a speedy device too. But it gets better.

3 – Cloud backup is a real bliss, it allowed me to access my content while I commuted to work using the smart-device apps via my 3G connection. I was able to download and or stream the content from the cloud quite easily. Of course it’s a little heavy on my 3G but it can be really handy for professionals like video editors, graphic designers, photographers etc. who need to backup and access work while on the fly or when travelling for work. There’s no need to carry bulky drives with you anymore, just log in and you’re all set.

4 – Like i said before, there is the potential for online cloud storage servers to be hacked, but with Comprehensive data protection the likes of which WD employs, you can rest easy that you’re content is always in safe hands. I was also able to restrict access to my drive to very specific users when I needed to.

5 – When it’s all said and done, the major bonus of using cloud servers like WD’s to store your data is the longevity of your content. I felt quite at ease knowing that my data was always available even if my PC crashed and burned… figuratively or literally. That’s the best part about the cloud, it’s all online. I can even pass along my login credentials to my future generations in the distant future so they can see just what we were up to.

So while I personally may not be a professional of any kind that would use the device for work purposes, I was nonetheless able to derive quite a bit of usage and peace of mind from the WD X2100 NAS.

Do you want to secure your digital life? We are giving away one 4TB EX2 worth $349.99.
And now we’d like to give you that experience too dear reader, with a WD 4TB EX2 giveaway contest. This is the company’s high end NAS device from the same series that has the capability to store 8TB, 16TB and 24 TB drives in its four-bay set up. It’s quite simple really; all you need to do is follow us on Twitter. We’ll be picking a winner on the 4th of May. Do keep in mind though, that only participants from US are eligible to win.
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A big thank you to Western Digital for providing us a My Cloud Expert Series EX4100 to keep and review.

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