Serve wine in style with the Black Ice wine cooler

When you’re hosting a really sophisticated party, then you need to ensure that your drinks are mature too. Especially for formal parties, wines are the safest bet. Now if you need to serve good chilled wine without leaving your guests alone, check out the sleek Black Ice wine cooler. Designed by Jinghao Lin, a student in University of New South Wales, this is an entry to the prestigious Student Australian Design Award, 2010.

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This sleek cellar is built with a sturdy steel frame, a special design racking system and glass doors to display the wine bottles stylishly. It features two separate compartments for red and white wines and can hold up to a total of 28 wine bottles. You can also spin the racks to get a 180° view of the bottles, and the interiors feature soft interior lighting and an LED display and is painted in pearl black for a cooler look.

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