Shanling – the masters for new CD player designs

Now Shanling (that’s the name of a company) is a company (I’m repetitive am I not – snigger!) is a company that makes equipment for a medium facing extinction but is daring insomuch that they try something different with their wares. Shanling’s designs are unique and it’s something that they excel in. Probably the only reason why they are still in business today! The Chinese company specializes in CD players that have unique looks, specs, and characteristics, as evidenced by its tube-amplifying “MC-30 Music Center” and other models. Its latest offering is no exception. The CD-T300 Pro has four amplification valves, two remote controls, and gold-plated tube legs. But the most striking thing about it is the way it looks.

Lussorian calls it a “funky science-fiction styling”. This piece of art is made of aluminum alloy and weighs more than 24 pounds. It emits a blue glow when touched, giving it the look of a UFO. Which is probably cool as the price for the same is also kinda out of this world at $12,000.