Shiny nostalgia – A $3200 gold plated Sony Walkman

If your iPod or your smartphone audio leaves you asking for an even better audio experience, the new Sony Walkman is just the thing you need! (Assuming of course that your refined need for supreme quality audio is backed by an equally heavy bank balance). Introduced at the IFA in Berlin this year, the new NWM1Z Sony Walkman caters to the minutest audio nuances, providing you with a fine audio range in a gold-plated casing!

Being upscale on last year’s model, the new version makes modifications in the software to prevent even the slightest of audio interference. The new series also sees a change in the body of the device, with slightly more bulging buttons that are easier to press and a new spot for the headphone jack at the top of the device. The icing on the cake is of course the gold plating on the outer casing, which apart from making it look like a million bucks also reduces contact resistance and oxidation. The New Walkman series (both the gold platted and the standard one) has separate digital and analog circuitry and technology that upscale low bit-rate files to “near high-resolution audio quality. Apart from some ‘not-so-big’ changes, both the versions in the series are pretty similar (with both supporting the 384 kHz/32-bit “Hi-Res” music format) with slight differences that only a serial audiophile can decipher.

Priced at $ 3,200, the gold platted Walkman is a part of Sony’s ‘Signature Series’ which also includes MDR-Z1R headphones (priced at $2,300) and TA-ZH1ES headphone amp (priced at $2,200) and of course the standard NWM1A Walkman (priced at $1,200). Sony’s move is in line with its efforts to reinvent the brand’s audio devices after facing a sales wrath from Apple and other smartphones. While its strategy is a sound one, paying $2000 extra over the standard version, for a few minute changes and some bling may not be every wise man’s cup of tea.

[ Via : Theverge ]

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