Siemens’ Steamy Koffeevollautomat Coffee maker is slick fit for your kitchen

It’s about time we get a tad classy with our choices of coffee machines, which starts by getting rid of our old Joe from the kitchen. It may seem that we’re going slightly overboard with that kind of a thing, but taking one look at the Siemens’ Steamy Koffeevollautomat Coffee maker will wash those thoughts away instantly (as instantly as it brews coffee). The self cleaning Kaffeevollautomat TK76k572 has its own supply of milk and water and it brews out other caffeinated drinks like Macchiato and espresso’s too.

With a price tag of $2,000, it’s devoid of the benefit of the net-connected coffee maker, but makes up for that by creating counter space for other gadgets though it’s wall-installation. It’s a little expensive, but still costs one tenth of the scientific brewery.

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