SKIGYM Simulator promises to help you burn your calories while you ski

For all you pro skiers who just cant get enough of the snow-clad mountains, here is a great way to experience all the thrills at home. Thanks to the new SKIGYM simulator you can not only practice and improve your skiing abilities but also burn a few calories in the process. This amazing combination promises to help you master the slopes while your body gets that much needed workout without hitting the gym! You can either hook the fully-motorized device up to your PC and play the included Alpine Ski Racing game, or simply use it on its own as a piece of exercise equipment.

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The piece of equipment will definitely look odd in your living room but that hardly matters when you consider the advantages of this gadget. Priced at a whopping €1,649, or roughly $2,300, this one is sure to burn a lot more than just calories.