Slob $6800 MacBook touts for donations

Like ArsTechnica points out, there’s a lot you can do with $6800 in an Apple Store, but surely you won’t levitate towards what Europe-based Munk Bogballe has to offer. On the platter for you is a 2.4GHz MacBook with a 160GB drive and 4GB of RAM. The highlight being anodized aluminum surface and the underside, coated in fine “European aniline leather.” Pre-loading Microsoft Windows XP (no word on whether it is Pro or Home) and a genuine copy of Microsoft Office Works Suite are supposed to be the other treats involved. If this didn’t crunch the deal then maybe the bit where the company is donating an XO laptop to undisclosed “governmentally sponsored education programs” will lure you. Stop laughing! This is not a joke!

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