SMART Multitouch Table is all set to make learning fun for kids

Many gadgets and devices, even new teaching methods, have been developed to encourage students to increase their knowledge and make learning fun. Here is another such attempt, which promises to make education more fun and interactive. Known as the SMART table, it is specifically designed for kids and is set to make its debut in classrooms. Featuring 6 applications, it promises to make learning much more enjoyable and interesting. Teachers can also customize activities on the table using the SMART Table Toolkit on their PC or Mac. The new activities are then saved onto a USB bracelet and plugged into the table for activity synchronization. A genius design will appeal to both kids and teachers alike. What is more, Smart Tech is even offering free downloads of various applications and activities on their educational website. We hope this device will transform the old traditional teaching methods and create some interests in young minds.

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Priced at a whopping $8000 each, we wonder how many schools or parents can afford these tables given the current credit crunch.

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