Smeg has partnered with Coca-Cola for a very groovy refrigerator

While Coca-Cola-stamped t-shirts and clothing are commonly doing the rounds, it is quite a surprise to see a refrigerator in the making that boasts the fizzy drink’s goodness across it! And making it happen is none other than Smeg with its all-new collaboration with The Coca Cola Company.

Together the marquees have created a retro-style fridge that is ideal for a kitchen set-up inside an art lover’s home. Unveiled in celebration of the 50th year of the brand’s iconic “Harmony” commercial (featuring a diverse group of young people singing together on an Italian hilltop), the appliance is a limited-edition piece that forms part of Coca-Cola’s 1971 unity collection.

On the outside, it features Coca-Cola-inspired artwork, celebrating the 70’s era with its psychedelic design that shouts out an array of hues. When swung open, one can find plenty of space for storing groceries, including removable glass shelves, a life plus compartment for preserving perishable foods, and a fruit and vegetable drawer. Needless to say, there’s also an ice box for storing ice and frozen foods.

It further features a multi-flow cooling system to ‘ensure the ideal temperature and humidity for food storage along with an overall capacity is a whopping 270 liters. Only 25 of the SMEG FAB “Unity” refrigerators are made, each complete with an engraved plaque bearing its unique number.

The Unity collection also includes Coca-Cola-inspired Popsocket wallets, Timex watches, and a range of apparel that is meant to ‘showcase the timeless values of peace, inclusiveness, diversity, and optimism, as Kate Dwyer, Senior Director of Global Licensing for Coca-Cola puts it!

[Via: T3]