Smoked up limited edition iPhone 6s by ColorWare

When it comes to ramp-up, ColorWare faces scarce competition, we know that. They have now released a Limited Edition Smoked pattern for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. It has got such a dreary, dark yet captivating feel to it – that I just might! The pattern is a silver design with a Jet Black simcard tray and logo. The whole phone is coated with the X2 clear coat for protection – which probably means you can hurl it at a mugger and save your life (aim well, else you can’t save your phone).

colorware-iPhone-smoked (2)
They are smoky AND Significant – only 25 pieces of each version (unlocked) is available. The iPhone 6S 128GB costs $1399 and the iPhone 6S Plus comes at $1499.
colorware-iPhone-smoked (1)

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