Beats and Snarkitecture collaborate to create limited edition ultra-minimal headphones and pillow

Recent collaborations and promotions have given us lots of ultra luxe updates on our favorite musical accessory – our headsets! From Swarovski studded, to diamond encrusted to deliciously designer, we thought we had pretty much seen it all. But Beats has taken us by surprise with their new collaboration with New York based architecture firm – Snarkitecture. Going the minimalist route, the product of this collaboration is a limited edition headset that is pure white with a matte texture and noticeably reduced branding to create a clean, monotone feel. The headphones are “stripped of familiar colors and textures” and presented in their purest most abstract form.

Did we mention the cool new presentation piece? Your stripped-to-skin headset is presented on a softly crinkled, snow white pillow that perfectly takes the shape of the headset. But here’s the thing, in a cool new plot twist, the “pillow” is not a pillow at all! It’s in fact a base made of cast marble, perfectly crafted to resemble a well-used pillow. It ties in perfectly with the minimal look and feel of the headset and together the set would make the perfect décor piece for your living or music room.

While we’re not sure how many pieces will be produced in this collaboration, we can guarantee that they will sell out fast! Priced at $600, the arty new headset will be available on the Beats website from June 9th. If Beats wanted to distract us from a possible Apple buyout, they’ve certainly done it!

[Available at Beats-By-Dre]

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