SOEE Soundesign debuts Drop’s Swarovski-studded Crystal Rain speakers

Agreed, they may not be a match for B&Os of the A/V world, but there’s no denying that these loudspeakers from little known French brand SOEE Soundesign are stupefyingly stunning. The sheer look of these omnidirectorional speakers will make them the talk of the town, even before you can test their sonic skills. With a design that fashionista would blindly approve, these sound speakers boast of a full-range up-firing driver with a conical overhang to create a dispersed soundstage. This means that you may not be able to tell where the music is flowing from –a feature that doesn’t appeal to all audiophiles- but you’ll know what’s keeping your guests, and at times you, gawking. The best part Drop’s Swarovski-adorned Crystal Rain models come with a selection of 250 customizable paint hues and 100 texture options. Plus, they can be ceiling mounted too!.

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Now that’s not bad if you consider the price. The base Drop’s model costing 2,870 euro (US$ 4,050), and the embellished one comes for 4,784 euro (US$6,770).
Being fashionable has its little price, after all!

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