Solid Gold USB Drive for $599

The economic climate seems to have no effect on certain sections of the society who are still investing in all sorts of luxurious goods. Take for instance this new product that is targeted towards this section. The new 18k Gold USB drive by Super Talent Technology, a member of the Pico-C line, is definitely a sign of luxury and opulence. This limited edition product is water-resistant and supports data transfer speeds up to 30mbps. Well, that’s not all folks, the USB drive comes with an 18k solid gold key chain along with a serialized certificate of its authenticity. This 8GB drive comes wrapped in a velvet jewelry box, and if you want you can have your name or a logo etched on it for no extra charges.

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This exquisite technological piece comes with a price tag of $599 and is available only on a pre-order basis, with 3-4 weeks lead-time. So if you are convinced, go ahead and invest in some useful golden technology and be a proud owner of this rare collector’s item.

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