Sonus faber Fenice Loudspeaker for a personalized music concert experience

If you love listening to music alone and want a classic 3D music experience, or an in-theatre feel to music, with opulence, have a few options: like the Ne Plus Ultra speakers, Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond Speakers, or the Coltrane Momento speakers. But if you want something new, you need to act fast. Sonus faber has come out with limited edition high-end Fenice loudspeakers. The system features 3.5 way, lyra shape design (a modified version of the Lute shape speaker systems), state-of-the-art vibration cancellation optimized, sound field shaper variable geometry radiation, stealth reflex along with a loudspeaker system. The Fenice systems will be limited to just 30 pairs (that is 60 pieces), with each pair costing over $177,555.

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