Sony oozes creativity…its furniture this time!

Sony has outdone itself this time and you will be surprised to find out that its no TV, music system, or gizmo…its furniture! Along with Sony’s design philosophy and electronics technology cultivated over the years, Lombard artists and artisans have dedicated their ingenuity and professionalism to crafting prototypes conceived by Sony Design. The Japanese company has been working on a collaboration with a bunch of master craftsmen from Lombardy, where Sony’s design concepts were made into (beautiful) reality by these Italian furniture makers. The “piece” above is a laser-engraved coffee table with a built-in projector and there are another nine in the gallery below, aimed at, say Sony, “creating a pleasant relation among human, product, and space.”

If you say so, sunshine. From marble-based speakers to leather-upholstered chairs with surround sound, all is here. Enjoy and think of all the big cheeses at Sony, whose homes are now probably full of these one-offs that no one will ever get a sniff at.

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