Sony’s new 4k SXRD projectors cost a bomb!

Sony is bringing us two very hi-tech and coveted cameras, owning which will surely put a smile on our faces. Sony recently announced it will soon release two new 4K projectors that make use of the electronic giant’s SXRD technology, each capable of delivering images at 4096×2160 resolution, or about four times more than 1920×1080 HD resolution. In short these cameras are damn good. The SRX-T110 is capable of producing 11,000 lumens of brightness, while the SRX-T105 delivers 5,500 lumens. One very marvellous facet would be the three-panel SXRD projection lens system that delivers 8.85 million total pixels.

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Both the SRX-T110 and SRX-T105 will be available in November in certain markets, priced at an equivalent of $114,000 for the SRX-T110, and $71,000 for the SRX-T105. And its not just the price tag that’s heavy, this baby actually weighs 265lb and is not a portable projector.