Sony’s XBR-LX900 3D HDTV will come to you with the 3D glasses for free

Now that 3D movies have become such a big hit, it’s about time that more companies follow the suite to make HDTVs with 3D capabilities. After Panasonic, it’s now the turn for Sony to make the big announcement. They have come up with three 3D HDTV models at the CES 2010 and especially showcased the XBR-LX900. And the best part is the necessary glasses come as an accessory with the TV set!

The glasses feature an active LC shutter system with a technology displaying 3D images in a stereoscopic 3D effect. You can switch seamlessly to the Internet and back, and the TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The TV comes with an automatic sensor to switch it off when you leave the room and a Distance Alert functionality to ensure that children stay at an eye-friendly distance. The price of the product is yet to be announced.

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