Sooloos Music System For Your House

An amazing new piece of technology that you would like to have around your house, not only because it sounds good, but also because it looks good. Sooloos is an ultra-modern system, where you won’t have to load up all your music once it arrives; it comes preloaded with your tunes and album art. To get new tunes, you can get subscriptions for any new releases and genre-based packages for your whimsical new musical tastes while you have your Sooloos. The audio is stored in a lossless format, which is a cool feature. For new CDs just add them using the built-in ripper in the main control panel. With ample storage capacity, the base model gives you a terabyte of space, with two and three terabytes in the suit. The main control panel, which is pictured, is a 17” touch screen. Additional smaller remotes are available with 7” touch screens.

The hard drive is powered and runs off noiseless convection cooled RAID setup. The base version of Sooloos will set you back by $ 12,000.

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