St Regis New York goes i-way with the E-Butler application

PG Wodehouse would have never imagined that his prodigal butler would take technology too seriously. The Apple Store has been keeping the ball running when it comes to unveiling new and unique applications, and the latest one to join the bandwagon is the St Regis New York. The posh hotel is making life very simple for its guests by introducing the E-Butler application allowing them to chat with their butlers in real-time using their iPhone or iPad. The hotel has gone an extra mile in sponging information of New York’s most known celebrities and personalities, easing their stay, activities, and preferences – ‘with the touch of a button.’

The application will also give a calendar of events happening around the city so that guests will book an exciting stay during their visit. They can chat up with their butlers and tell them how precise their needs are. This application is convenient because of the market situations and competitiveness; one is married to one’s communication gadgets. Making an entire trip on the go is not new but having direct access to the person in charge of your matters during a short halt or mini-trip is quite flattering. Wonder if these ‘butlers’ on the other side of the cable are given meditation classes before their appointment to keep their cool – the customer is always right after all.

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