Stainway Lyngdorf Home Theatre

After the huge wave of excitement created by their first release (Model C), Steinway Lyngdorf has come out with another stunning home theatre system. The sound quality of this system is stated to be 20 – 200% better than any audio system in the market. Systems such as the Model LS Series and Steinway & Sons Architectural Speaker Systems’ Model M Series, Digital Amplifier Model A1 and Surround Sound Processor Model P1 have raised the benchmark of quality home theatre systems these days. This home theatre system does have a lot put into it to provide the best sound and this includes some excellent patented technologies as well.

Stainway Lyngdorf will add more fuel to the competitive market of home theatre systems. Theirs is already so much to offer those who seek the best from the best in the field of multimedia that one would wonder if the race could get any better.

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