Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine by BMW Design Works

I want my cuppa coffee every morning without fail….or else I’m a failure! Just cannot function without it. But if you want me to do more and work better then consider gifting me this Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine. My adrenaline can be pumped faster with this new espresso machine as it’s exclusively designed by BMW Design Works. Now when it’s associated with BMW what else can you expect for its quality. This splendor gadget also packs specialized features like a Rapid Steam Boiler, commercial-quality portafilter, and a patented back-pressure adaptor that automatically adjusts to the coffee’s grind. It comes with the ability to “auto-tamp” the coffee, pull a shot (with one touch), and then with a proper heat time, steam your milk.

And standing just 15 inches tall, bet it’s not gonna come in way of anything else…….except your wallet of course for $600.