Steelcase’s Walkstation treadmill for working and walking

Multitasking is important for survival but I wonder how many of us will be willing to have a go at an intense workout session while completing a report/presentation simultaneously. Well if you are the daring sorts then you must check out the Walkstation designed by Steelcase. It’s been built and co-designed by the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. James Levine. To sum it up the treadmill is intended to keep you mobile during the workday as opposed to you plopping your feet on the desk and munching something sinful. Designed to encourage more movement by walking slowly at work, Dr. Levine estimates that users of the walk station have the potential to increase energy expenditure and burn calories even when walking at a 1 mph rate. For some individuals, particularly for obese individuals and those who do not otherwise exercise daily, the use of the walk station may result in actual weight loss. Additional benefits of movement at work can include less stress, increased productivity, and improved focus.

Steelcase’s Walkstation treadmill will be displayed at 4 Columbus Circle (New York) on Oct. 25. The treadmill costs about $6,500.