Steelseries 7G Keyboard

Plastics don’t really make the impact on gizmos as they should. It is always metal that turns a geek on. This cool keyboard means a lot more than just an ordinary fad that’s here to stay. It is a luxury toy for top-notch geeks. The keyboard has an 18 karat gold plating in every key switch that contributes to reducing latency. This helps in gaming and other applications that require precision finger movements on your keyboard. The keyboard isn’t just quick but also smart. The buffer system that’s built into it accepts and stores many simultaneous button presses from your keyboard. To add some icing to the cake the keyboard has a headphone and microphone jack. It connects via a USB connection.

Sometimes it is worth spending an extra buck on a keyboard that will promise you 10 times more durability than any other keyboard around. $150 is the extra buck I was talking about.