Steinway Lyngdorf LS sound system

The association between Piano maker Steinway and Lyngdorf Audio is an old one and a fine one too. Steinway Lyngdorf has unveiled a modular in-voice system in the LS line, which is super expensive like other systems in the same line. The LS surround module is a 3-way design with a one-inch woofer, two 5-inch mids, and one AMT mounted sideways. A customer can configure his multiple speaker modules in columns of two, four, or six depending on the room’s size and bank account. If you set up a 5.1 system with eight front modules (four right, four left), four center modules, four surround modules, four submodules, one P1 processor, and nine A1 amps, it will set you back $267,000.

Whereas, if you go for a massive 7.1 system with 12 fronts (six on each side), six centres, 36 surrounds, 24 subs, and all the necessary electronics, you will have to shell out a whopping $993,ooo. Well, that’s what the good side of life always costs, isn’t it?

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