Strut LaunchPort to unveil iPad 4 and iPad mini compatible editions at Baselworld 2013

Automotive Jewelry accessories brand Strut entered the tech world with the Strut LaunchPort System, after its debut at the New York International Gift Fair last year. This year Strut plans to unveil the iPad 4 and iPad mini versions of its proprietary technology system at Baselworld 2013. The annual showcase is an ideal choice to unveil the newest edition to the LaunchPort line, according to James Peterson, Strut LaunchPort’s Vice President of sales and marketing. Baselworld exhibits the world’s most exceptional and luxurious new watches and jewelry. As the company chooses to market itself through luxury jewelry stores, gift boutiques, and luxury departmental stores, the platform is perfect.

The LaunchPort Charging system combines with style by offering this innovative wireless charging technology with a trendy protective case in designer finishes like walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print, and sparkle pink. In true Strut, the wireless pedestal is handcrafted jewelry-grade stainless steel and is triple-chrome plated, allowing the iPad to be charged whenever it is docked.

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The Strut LaunchPort system is available in five standard and seven custom order iPad case finish options and three charging pedestal finishes. The set includes a pedestal, case, and accessories attached with a price tag of $1,500. Strut announces the availability of the system compatible with iPad 2 and 3 at Neiman Marcus.

[Available at Neiman Marcus via Strut]

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