Strut Launchport System is the coolest iPad docking station

Strut, the automotive jewelry accessories brand that has given us some pretty cool chrome bling for our cars, is now graduating to the dynamic tech world with the Strut LaunchPort System’s launch for the iPad. This new device features a docking pedestal and protective case that team up to charge your iPad in a ‘wireless’ manner, courtesy: Strut’s partner company, LaunchPort. The pedestal is hand-crafted from stainless steel and triple-coated with chrome(they can’t do without it) for the lustrous sheen. You could choose from four finishes offered by the company- walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print, or sparkle pink. The pedestal and case can be connected through the neodymium magnets.

The Strut Launchport System will include the pedestal and case as a package, priced at $1,250. But if you fancy either of them as an individual, then the pedestal will come for $1,000, and the case will retail for $250. The Strut LaunchPort System will first debut at the New York International Gift Fair this month and then go on sale shortly after that.
[Strutlaunchport and ChipChick]

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