Stunning refrigerators from Menenghini fit for the king-size diner

It wouldn’t take much for enticing a devout Nigella Lawson fan into buying a product recommended by the grocery goddess herself. Blame her pert English charm or her remarkable culinary skills. Here is a stunning line of refrigerators from Menenghini recommended by the British celeb cook that embraces the Italian Antique, modern aesthetics by bonding together brass handles, hinges, glass shelving, portholes, and clawfoot legs. The antique, sophisticated line of refrigerators is available in aged cherry wood, and walnut, Lebanese Cedar, Mahogany, Pine and chestnut finish, and a choice of 500 satin color finishes in lacquered wood finishes.

The Menenghini refrigerators have their interiors designed and manufactured by Liebherr, a German company. The Mia fridge/freezer in yellow retails for a whopping $10k which, as I quoted earlier is literally for the king sized diner. I would choke hard to buy that beautiful expensive fridge, even if I had a serious gastronomic obsession! However if you’re looking for a refrigerator that fits in your kitchen and your wallet, the Kenmore Elite refrigerator should do the trick.

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