SunBrite releases the 550HD TV set: For the outdoor couch potato

For the outdoor couch potato who likes to watch his/her favorite shows outside the confines of his/her home, SunBrite has just the perfect TV set for you. Christened the 550HD, this television set is equipped to provide you entertainment in the outdoors. Offering a full 1080p resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, this TV is anything but disappointing. The TV is enclosed in a cabinet that prevents dust, bugs, and water from damaging the sensitive electronics. There is also a fan that allows the TV to operate in temperatures of up to 122 degrees! So no matter what the weather conditions are, as long as you have a plug point, this TV promises to entertain you.

The TV boasts a contrast ratio of 4000:1 and features four HDMI connections, component, VGA, S-Video, and composite connections. The TV can also be controlled by IR and has fiber optic transfer of IR signals to control the TV while keeping things dry. Ideal for patios, terraces, and other outdoor spaces, this TV is definitely amazing.
The perfect TV set for outdoor entertainment, the 550HD is priced at $7195.

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