Swami Conversational Robot

A robot has never been intelligent (don’t count the ones in movies). This advanced animatronic robot can do wonders like carrying on casual conversations, can recognize family members and it can even answer questions as long as they are basic. If you’re wondering where this supernatural intelligence is coming from, then let me tell you. It runs off a robot and uses 30 robotic motors to do the human-like stuff. I guess it will be best kept in a museum rather than a home.

Even his facial expressions are so human, due to the use of revolutionary character-engine artificial intelligence software. Not only this, it has 30 robotic micro-motors and also a pair of micro-camera eyes. So every time you’re trying to do some intelligent mischief in front of him, he catches in a milli-second. But what about the price, could you afford it? It’s at $75,000!